The search engine is such a great tool. I was having some AJAX seeming problems creating a contact form using Gravity Forms, so I turned off the only new plugin I had installed, one called Mega Menu. Mega Menu is an awesome plugin for styling flyout or dropdown or anything-you-want-in-them menus, but it seemed like it was competing with something else in Gravity forms. After turning it back on and trying to get it to affect the menu again, it left me with a lovely little warning message at the top of a white page, how it couldn’t write to the header because of something on line 1178 on a file called ‘pluggable.php’.

After searching for this issue, I found a fairly recent entry in the WordPress general help section. Turns out there is a little line of code  (<?php ob_start(); ?> ) I can add to ‘pluggable’ (I didn’t try adding it anywhere else) and wa-laa, the error message went away, AND my menus came back with the Mega Menu style!

Do I know why this works? No. Do I want to? Sort of. Will I take the time to investigate PHP to figure it out? Probably not, I’m a designer more than a backend developer. The important thing is I found a solution that didn’t seem to break anything else!