A Fix for the Ineffective Avada Child Theme Style Sheet

I’ve noticed in the forums, there are a lot of questions regarding the style sheet of the child theme not affecting the output. Their response is to use the theme options custom css. I don’t like to use it that much because it spits out the css on the page rather than keeping it in […]

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Avada and the Ever Changing Header: text instead of a logo.

Sometimes you just want to change something really simple, or at least, it used to be really really simple, back in the old days where you just plopped your html into a file, renamed it php with a few bits of code, and called it your header.

If you want the latest greatest bells and whistles, […]

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Website Crimes With WordPress Images (or, five most common WordPress image mistakes)

Having worked on a variety of websites for a wide variety of clients and businesses, I often run into the same problems again and again, when business owners are trying to build sites themselves, usually, rather than paying a professional. When someone commits these acts against the internet and website building and they claim to […]

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Of Monkeys and Mail

A company where I’m currently contracting considers me their MailChimp expert. That is frightening to me, considering I’m usually just one step ahead of the hapless website owner and MailChimp user.

Every time I work on someone’s MailChimp issue, I learn something new. This should not be. It’s supposed to be easy and simple, not a […]

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Fixing things in WordPress

The search engine is such a great tool. I was having some AJAX seeming problems creating a contact form using Gravity Forms, so I turned off the only new plugin I had installed, one called Mega Menu. Mega Menu is an awesome plugin for styling flyout or dropdown or anything-you-want-in-them menus, but it seemed like […]

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Vultures or legitimate services?

Lately I’ve been receiving a lot of emails and phone calls from businesses who want to help me out by offering leads generation and optimization of marketing efforts. Because I mostly rely on word-of-mouth, and detest sales calls for the most part, I ignore these requests.

There have also sprung up recently a number of businesses […]

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Candidate for Most Misleading Error Message

I get blocked while uploading images by my hosts’ security and we get that sorted then I can’t upload an image. I keep getting a “HTTP error” or a 404/page not found. I try other sites on the server and I can upload images just fine. (I […]

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To remember once again…

I move sites a few times a year and every time it feels like the first time, to quote Foreigner. I really like this guy’s tutorial using Backup Buddy – it’s nice and clear.

I’m writing this to remind myself more than anything else.

In my latest site move because of that i-Page fiasco, […]

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Do NOT use i-Page for hosting

I’m seeing ads everywhere for iPage hosting and it is driving me absolutely crazy. I am running a shopping cart system by Woo Commerce and the client wants to /needs to use Fed Ex. I spent $49 on the plug-in to make Fed Ex an option, and it wouldn’t activate, but gave the error “Sorry, […]

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WordPress and excessive p tags

I am attempting once again to use the GetShopped! gold cart for a shopping cart. This one is relatively simple because there are only two product types; cds and mp3 downloads. Simple. Right.

I just spent hours tracking down why the grid view wouldn’t align the images correctly in the second row. I finally noticed that […]

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