WordPress continues to be one of the most widely used platforms for building websites and blogs. As a result, WordPress sites are under continual attack by hackers. Keeping WordPress current with the latest releases is important for the security of your site and your server. Plugins also need to be updated to keep up with new developments and improvements to WordPress.

For just $14.95/month, you can have your core updates and plugins updated monthly.

This DOES NOT include Theme Updates. Theme Updates are billed hourly if needed.

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If your site hasn’t changed since 2002, it’s probably time for a facelift. For starters, it needs to work nicely on a cellphone or other device as well as a full size computer. Best to start with a free consultation where I will examine what you have, make recommendations based on what you want, and give you the best options and estimate. You aren’t restricted to selecting from a few templates with minimal customizations. I specialize in making a unique site that isn’t going to be out of fashion in a few years.

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House visits begin at $60/hour, one hour minimum. I will travel up to 25 miles from Bellingham, WA. I will show you how to update your site, how WordPress works, blogging tools, and anything else you want to learn about your website or social media pages.

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Heard of twitter but afraid to tweet? Take the mystery out of Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and others, with a patient, non-scary approach to this relatively new form of marketing. I can also integrate your website with social media outlets, and make sure that those outlets match your site for consistent branding.

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Perhaps you’ve installed WordPress, picked a theme, but just can’t quite get it to do exactly what you want it to! That’s because theme builders cannot account for every scenario or user.

Some things innate to WordPress simply don’t work the way they should – for instance, you cannot, out of the box, have a graphical logo (let’s say it is not a logotype, but a mark) AND your site name (not part of the graphic logo) plus a tagline in text on your site without customizing the header file. Revealing your site’s name in search results is easier when it’s generated with text. This is much more difficult to achieve with graphics.

WordPress themes are also not always kind when handling images. They can be stretched and made blurry, and the default option is to link to itself, enlarged. If the image appears the way you want, why should it link to itself? It doesn’t have to!

The Avada theme, which this site uses, is one of the more widely WordPress themes used, and for good reason. It has some great options. So many, though, that it can be overwhelming. I have designed several sites with Avada and can make it look and work however you want.

Theme customization starts at $80/hour.

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Whether your site is in HTML, Drupal, WordPress or Joomla!, I can assist with updates. Perhaps you want to add a new section, have a change of staff, moved offices.. no worries! Don’t wait another day to get your site meeting your needs.

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If you don’t have an SEO plugin to help your site’s rankings, now’s the time to add one. Each page needs to have a title and description. I can help integrate these into your website, as well as a few other tricks of the trade.

I can also set up Google Analytics tracking; that way you know which pages are getting the most visits, and where the traffic is coming from. You can log into your account any time and get valuable information.

SEO customization starts at $80/hour. For guaranteed front page Google results, I refer my clients to an SEO expert.

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Get fast, secure, reliable hosting for around $12/month with free email accounts. If you’re hosted with GoDaddy, they charge you for email, and their servers are really slow, especially for WordPress hosting.

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