Been awhile since using Avada? Avada custom header menu hover colors: They changed the way you select hover/active on your menu in a custom header layout.

Custom header layouts make my earlier post on modifying the ‘ever changing header’ almost obsolete, but I do find that these custom headers can almost be more work than they’re worth, especially when setting up the mobile version.

You used to be able to change the hover color on an independent tab, but at some point in either 2022 or 2023, Avada introduced these somewhat easily ignored circles that change when you click on them. Find the circles, and you find your color editing tool. I didn’t find much about this in their instructions or search result. I’m sure it exists.. it must exist… somewhere.

Other things to check: your custom header z-index. Custom header menus can appear behind objects on the page, especially in mobile. Did you know that z-indexes have a limit? Google it, it’s kind of interesting.