Before the web, there was ink on paper.

From billboard signs to books to ads and brochures… gain continuity with your consistent marketing in both online and print!


Took on this coffee table photo book before realizing I'd end up managing almost the entire project, helping to choose and organize content.


Noted psychologist Jerome Sattler's book cover (front and back). Illustration was provided. Around a dozen design/color variations were offered before choosing this one.


Poster for an all-ages fundraiser for the Northwest Straits chapter of the Surfrider Foundation. Created an underwater background in Photoshop, illustrated everything else - used all hand-drawn type and animals having conversations.


Designed and produced the cover and insides of an 180-page telephone and departmental directory. For the 2009-10 directory I took an image of a phone and manipulated it into a 'Warhol' effect using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.


I took David Sattler's imagery and text, and with the help of a translator, also included text in Thai language. The posters shown here are nine feet long. We created seven like this.