Which would YOU prefer?

Although these two burgers serve the same purpose, one of them is more appealing to most adults.

fast food

The burger on the left could be compared to Wix, Weebly, Website Builder, Squarespace or a host of other do-it-yourself site builders offered by hosting companies that often use gimmicky features (such as a one-page site with parallax loaders). In the end your site will end up looking just like every other site that uses those tools, and be about as uninspired as that burger and fries, served up by someone who is just following the imposed system.

gormet food

A custom site is well-researched for your audience, using your branding, and using tools that remain 100% in your control. Like this burger that probably contains grass-fed beef, fresh-baked bread, local vegetables and no trans fats, the ingredients are choice, and the skilled chef knows what he is doing. A passion for creating something uniquely yours will make all the difference!

Photos: Marshall Astor / Flickr

There is no need to feel ashamed about not having artistic or design skills! Some people apologize when they admit they don’t design, as if it should be some kind of inherent talent. I would never try to create blueprints for a house, since I am not an architect! Years have been spent learning typography, code, aesthetics, color theory, balance, usability, and a host of software programs in order to create palatable media. Ever since the advent of desktop publishing, “everyone is a designer” – but the results are often an assault to the trained eye.

Sometimes it’s simply best to hire a professional.

Recipe for a Winning Website


  • 1 good idea
  • 1 strong purpose
  • A well-researched audience
  • A memorable domain name
  • A call to action
  • Handfuls of well-written copy
  • Several high quality photos
  • 1 Logo
  • 3-4 sites you like
  • Knowledge of the competition
  • Social media accounts
  • A dash of playfulness
  • A video (optional)
  • Work out a timeline and budget
  • Decide on a design
  • Stew for a few weeks up to a few months, depending on complexity, changes
  • End up with a usable, useful and engaging website
  • Learn how to update your site
  • Remember that your web site is an investment in your business. While it might feel like an expense at first, it will add value for years to come.
  • You, your community, your customers

decorative element

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