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The Silliest Settings in Avada

When you’re putting together a portfolio with Avada, you have options to set under the general portfolio, the single page portfolio, and the portfolio post, which would override the other two.

One of the options is for the links in your post to open in a new window. This means ALL the links… even the one […]

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pmoore525@gmail.com is a fraud

If you are an artist and get an email from “Paul Moore” who is looking to buy something for his love, his wife, etc, he could be in California or Texas or who knows where else.. do not send him any art, or accept any payment from him. He’s known to be a scammer. I’ve […]

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A Fix for the Ineffective Avada Child Theme Style Sheet


The theme authors have shut down their site and there hasn’t been any updates in a few months. At some point this plugin will break something, so I can’t recommend it any more. Sad face!

I’ve noticed in the forums, there are a lot of questions regarding the style sheet of the child theme not affecting […]

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Avada and the Ever Changing Header: text instead of a logo.

Sometimes you just want to change something really simple, or at least, it used to be really really simple, back in the old days where you just plopped your html into a file, renamed it php with a few bits of code, and called it your header.

If you want the latest greatest bells and whistles, […]

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Website Crimes With WordPress Images (or, five most common WordPress image mistakes)

Having worked on a variety of websites for a wide variety of clients and businesses, I often run into the same problems again and again, when business owners are trying to build sites themselves, usually, rather than paying a professional. When someone commits these acts against the internet and website building and they claim to […]

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Of Monkeys and Mail

A company where I’m currently contracting considers me their MailChimp expert. That is frightening to me, considering I’m usually just one step ahead of the hapless website owner and MailChimp user.

Every time I work on someone’s MailChimp issue, I learn something new. This should not be. It’s supposed to be easy and simple, not a […]

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Plugins Aren’t Always Best

Attempting to add a WordPress plugin to add some functionality┬ácan be a time-consuming task. All I wanted was a simple ‘like’ button for Facebook. After reviewing the number of installs (but why don’t they also list uninstalls?), the reviews, the compatibility with your version, support questions and the screenshots, I gave up and went straight […]

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Fixing things in WordPress

The search engine is such a great tool. I was having some AJAX seeming problems creating a contact form using Gravity Forms, so I turned off the only new plugin I had installed, one called Mega Menu. Mega Menu is an awesome plugin for styling flyout or dropdown or anything-you-want-in-them menus, but it seemed like […]

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Gimp vs. Photoshop

I’ve been helping a business get a more professional looking home page in order to help it grow. One thing I noticed in the header was that the letter-spacing was off. The part that was off looked like this:


I’d only recently gained access to the source files […]

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Chanticleer Reviews Magazine

front-page-magChanticleer Book Reviews and Media has launched its first online magazine. Megabite designed and produced the publication in its entirety using Adobe InDesign and uploaded to Issuu for sharing.

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