March 2018

On Working From Anywhere

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Most of my posts are about technology involving building websites; the code, the frustrations, the tips. So this strays only slightly; it's a bit more 'meta' - it's about "living the dream" pitched hard by Tim Ferris, and being productive from "anywhere".

February 2018

October 2017

September 2017

The Silliest Settings in Avada

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When you're putting together a portfolio with Avada, you have options to set under the general portfolio, the single page portfolio, and the portfolio post, which would override the other two. One of the options [...]

May 2017

July 2015

Plugins Aren’t Always Best

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Attempting to add a Wordpress plugin to add some functionality can be a time-consuming task. All I wanted was a simple 'like' button for Facebook. After reviewing the number of installs (but why don't they also [...]

November 2014

Chanticleer Reviews Magazine

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Chanticleer Book Reviews and Media has launched its first online magazine. Megabite designed and produced the publication in its entirety using Adobe InDesign and uploaded to Issuu for sharing.

September 2014

Chanticleer Authors Conference

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I will be presenting at Chanticleer Authors Conference Sept. 19 and 20 2014 at the Hotel Bellwether in Bellingham, WA. You can see the schedule here. I will be talking about websites. For the first [...]

July 2014

Contests: Ethically Wrong

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The first design contest I ever entered was in college, for the water skiing club. I came up with a nice roundish black and white logo, silhouetting the skier with some spray coming off and [...]