is a fraud

If you are an artist and get an email from “Paul Moore” who is looking to buy something for his love, his wife, etc, he could be in California or Texas or who knows where else.. do not send him any art, or accept any payment from him. He’s known to be a scammer. I’ve […]

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Plugins Aren’t Always Best

Attempting to add a WordPress plugin to add some functionality┬ácan be a time-consuming task. All I wanted was a simple ‘like’ button for Facebook. After reviewing the number of installs (but why don’t they also list uninstalls?), the reviews, the compatibility with your version, support questions and the screenshots, I gave up and went straight […]

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Chanticleer Reviews Magazine

front-page-magChanticleer Book Reviews and Media has launched its first online magazine. Megabite designed and produced the publication in its entirety using Adobe InDesign and uploaded to Issuu for sharing.

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Chanticleer Authors Conference

I will be presenting at Chanticleer Authors Conference Sept. 19 and 20 2014 at the Hotel Bellwether in Bellingham, WA. You can see the schedule here. I will be talking about websites. For the first session it will be an introduction to different kinds of websites; the second […]

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Fast, Cheap or Beautiful: Pick 2.

The old adage about the three rules of business – fast, cheap, good – pick two, is especially relevant in design. Good takes time, cheap can sometimes be fast if your expectations are low enough, good and cheap is hard to come by. I think this image sums it up quite nicely:

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Contests: Ethically Wrong

The first design contest I ever entered was in college, for the water skiing club. I came up with a nice roundish black and white logo, silhouetting the skier with some spray coming off and having the club’s name around it. I thought it was pretty cool, but I guess the club didn’t. I never […]

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