Let’s say you want to allow people to buy products or services but your offerings don’t need a full-on ecommerce solution. You can list your products or services in a form and assign a price. You then connect your Paypal info and your Authorize.net account and expect to see two buttons for checkout. Wait, what? My credit card form takes me to a Paypal page? This is confusing.

I had to find out by contacting the good technical support folks at Gravity Forms that in order to pull off this bit of sorcery, one has to create conditional logic into the form: A set of radio buttons that has the payment options (in this case, Credit Card and Paypal). You set the Credit Card payment field to show if they select Credit Card (there is unfortunately no Paypal button via Gravity Forms, which surprised me). Then you go to your “feed” in the forms settings, and select to use conditional logic to process the payment based upon the answer.

The do have a page for this solution; however, some kind of hint ought to present itself when the user tries to add more than one payment. I found the page again by searching on conditional logic, but I would think that the logic would be inherent in the form software itself – and who would think to search for conditional logic when dealing with a payment system?