GoDaddy recently called to check in on me since I have oodles of accounts registered with their services. Not for hosting, which is slow, but for domain names. They were a huge improvement over Network Solutions and other nefariously difficult companies back in the dark ages of the interweb. Immediately I launched on a rampage to the hapless caller, going on about how I’d found domain registration nirvana with Google Domains.

Google does domains now.

And, with no upsell.
And, with private registration.

What does that mean?

Without the upsell, I can buy what I came there for in less than five minutes. NO “no, don’t include that with my purchase” twenty times before you get to the payment screen.

Privacy: Half my inbox is full of solicitations from India dev companies and SEO sharks who did NOT find me on Linked In, but rather through Godaddy’s un-private registration. My email is exposed to every potential scammer and seller, just because it is associated with some domain names, publicly accessible via any “whois” or service of that type. Oh sure, you can spend extra money and BUY your way out of spam with a GoDaddy upsell, but with Google domains, privacy is included!

GoDaddy does have good tech support, and I’ve yet to contact Google for support with a domain. I’m fairly new to it in fact, so I’m still in the “honeymoon” phase. But so far, so good.

The person on the phone was grasping at straws. “What happens when your domain doesn’t renew?” “My domains always renew.” “What if you don’t get notified?” “Icann always sends out those reminders to keep your registration information current.”

“I wish all our customers were like you.”

(No, you don’t, because we’re leaving you, GoDaddy, in droves.)