Do NOT use i-Page for hosting

I’m seeing ads everywhere for iPage hosting and it is driving me absolutely crazy. I am running a shopping cart system by Woo Commerce and the client wants to /needs to use Fed Ex. I spent $49 on the plug-in to make Fed Ex an option, and it wouldn’t activate, but gave the error “Sorry, […]

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WordPress and excessive p tags

I am attempting once again to use the GetShopped! gold cart for a shopping cart. This one is relatively simple because there are only two product types; cds and mp3 downloads. Simple. Right.

I just spent hours tracking down why the grid view wouldn’t align the images correctly in the second row. I finally noticed that […]

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Free or Cheap Shopping Cart Software

I’ve worked with several free or low-cost e-commerce shopping carts. Here is my review of several of them. This is from a designer’s perspective, as one who can hack a bit of code, but not at the level of a developer. So while I like to have lots of options to make things the way […]

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