The Web Development Process

This is an overview of how websites come into being! See visual flowchart process below.

  • You fill out a brief form so I can start to get familiar with your project goals.

  • We schedule a meeting so we can discuss your site’s purpose, goals, your likes and dislikes, and strategy. I’ll be asking you some hard questions to get to the ‘why’ behind your idea. I promise it won’t get too awkward :).

  • Once I have the information I need, I create a site map so we have an idea of where the information will go and how it will be organized.

  • I then create a prototype so that you can see something that is functional, if not very pretty, but will help you visualize the direction your site will take.

  • Design: Now we get to color in between the lines, or outside of the box, however you want it to look to match your branding. Add imagery, content, logos, forms, whatever we agreed to in the proposal in the style we agreed upon.

  • Deliver: Once approved and tested, we launch your website! You’ll receive training on how to edit and update your site.

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