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All web hosts are not created equal!

How do I choose a host?

Your host should have

  • Good technical support
  • Hacker-proof security
  • Frequent backups
  • Quick load times
  • Easy to manage back-end


You don’t have to worry about any of that because Megabite Design will handle your domain name research, registration and hosting if you haven’t already! I’m happy to work with any existing registrar or host – ultimately it’s up to you, and it’s always important to support local and environmentally sound businesses.

If you need a host, I highly recommend hosting with Big Time Host. Unlike many servers, they were not susceptible to the Heartbleed security bug. Their rates are comparable to some of the larger companies. They have several hosting packages to choose from. If you are a designer looking to host your client’s sites, BigTimeHost offers access to some great WordPress themes and premium plugins.

If you are more budget conscious, I recommend Blue Host. Just be aware that if you register your domain name through them, it can be difficult to track down which company they’ve contracted with to manage it.

PSA for FTC compliance: If you sign up through either link abovev, I stand to gain financially as an affiliate. It’s a win-win!

How does web hosting work?

In simplified terms, the files that create your web site are stored on a computer called a server. This server has a section just for your site, or for economical shared hosting, multiple sites. The computer stays on 24/7. Your web site domain name, registered in a separate process, “points” to this server. Because hackers are constantly trying to inject their malicious evilness into every possible computer, targeting servers mostly, it’s best to leave hosting to the professionals.

What is the “cloud”?

It’s just a server in a building hosting your files. It doesn’t float and it is kept in a very controlled environment.

Is my web host really serving me?

The largest hosting company in the world is Endurance International Group, which just may own the company with whom you host. Of course they didn’t get there by being slouches, and they do offer very inexpensive services. But they were affected by Heartbleed. There are some companies I can safely say to avoid: 1&1 has a very difficult user interface for telling your files where to live and very poor customer support. GoDaddy, which is fine for domain registration, has its strength in domain registration services and not necessarily hosting. The WordPress sites I have administered on their server were extremely slow.

Get the Right Hosting!

Premium Hosting
Economy Hosting

PSA for FTC compliance: If you sign up through either affiliate link above, I stand to gain financially. It’s a win-win!