Pacific Center for Naturopathic Medicine

Pacific Center for Natural Medicine Megabite Design

Are you a medical practitioner or provider needing to update your site? Perhaps you’re using a subscription company that does sites for everyone in your area of practice. The problem with those companies is that they include the same content for all their customers, and Google punishes your search engine results for containing duplicate content. Get a site that was built just for you.

Clinic website for a naturopathic doctor in Bellingham, WA based loosely on the design I provided for this doctor’s soon-to-be released interactive e-commerce site.

Rochelle is a real professional, I feel she really listens to my ideas, and cares about the underlying message of my site as well as having many great and creative design skills. She has gone the extra mile for my project several times, adding thoughtful and insightful wording, and brainstorming how we can best communicate my site’s concept. I recommend her highly!” – Rachelle H