The Web Development Process

It is often asked, how long does it take to build a web site, and how much does it cost? Ask the same question about building a house! There are almost as many variables determining the time and cost. There are, however, similarities to every web site, and addressing these questions will help to determine your result. Check out the easy-to-read flow charts below.

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The more information you can provide ahead of time, the quicker and smoother your site will develop. But if you can’t answer any of the questions right now, don’t fret; we’ll get through it together!

Take a look at the 7 flowcharts below to help you to prepare your site.


After determining your site’s goals and audience, Megabite will help you to choose a color palette, imagery, navigation structure, and personal style. Starting with a layout design schematic, you’ll know what your site will look like before getting into the development stage.

Most sites are developed using a Content Management System (CMS). One of the more popular CMS is WordPress. Some might be familiar with, which is a blogging software. Though somewhat customizable,  you don’t host the code. Which means you have less control over how it looks and limited functionality. provides the software that is installed on your own hosting system. It has developed from a blog-based system to a highly functional content management system, storing your information in a database.

The programming language used for WordPress sites is PHP. Many independent developers have written code to extend the functionality of Wordress, with themes and plug-ins. Some are free, some are paid. If you want a shopping cart on your site, you can use free software to get it going, but for it to be fully functional you will end up having to purchase a few plug-ins.