WordPress Theme Customization

Something not quite right? I can help!

Perhaps you’ve installed WordPress, picked a theme, but just can’t quite get it to do exactly what you want it to! That’s because theme builders cannot account for every scenario or user.

Some things innate to WordPress simply don’t work the way they should – for instance, you cannot, out of the box, have a graphical logo (let’s say it is not a logotype, but a mark) AND your site name (not part of the graphic logo) plus a tagline in text on your site without customizing the header file. Revealing your site’s name in search results is easier when it’s generated with text.

WordPress image handling can be tricky. Large images slow site speed. The default image option is to link to itself. If the image appears the way you want, why should it link to itself? It doesn’t have to!

The Avada theme, which this site uses, is one of the most popular WordPress themes used, and for good reason. It has some great options. So many, though, that it can be overwhelming. I have designed dozens of sites with Avada and can make it look and work however you want.