Tradewinds Capital Management

Do you have a financial management business that needs a web site? Allow me to help!

This site started out as  a website rescue for a capital management company. Someone had started it, using html based on designs created in Adobe Illustrator, but was unable to get it to work correctly technically. Because the site was better than half done in HTML, I continued working in Dreamweaver. More recently, I converted the site to WordPress using Avada, and since then, underwent a redesign.

Rochelle at Megabite saved my website, the first programmer I hired bailed on me with the project unfinished a few weeks before an important launch event for my company. Rochelle was able to come to the rescue, work within the already written code and finish our website within our time restraints. As we have made changes and updates to our site I have also found Rochelle to be quick, efficient, and cost effective. Thanks Rochelle, for all your help, I constantly get compliments on our website and you deserve much of the credit.