International Tsunami Museum

Do you need large format printing? I can handle it!

I took David Sattler’s imagery and text, and with the help of a translator, also included text in Thai language. The posters shown here are nine feet long. We created seven like this.

“In March 2006, I came up with an idea to build an educational museum in an area especially hard hit by the tsunami. A museum could help people understand the event that changed so many lives by showing how the Indian Ocean tsunami formed, showing how the tsunami affected the environment, and how foundations, organizations, businesses, and individuals around the world rallied to help. Exhibits in the museum also could discuss the warning signs of a tsunami and how to evacuate, and the new tsunami warning system being built in the Indian Ocean. And, the museum could show hope, resilience, and the human spirit, and help people move forward with their lives.” – David Sattler