Website Makeovers

If your site hasn’t changed in decades, it’s probably time for a facelift. For starters, it needs to work nicely on a cellphone or other device as well as a full size computer. Best to start with a free consultation where I will examine what you have, make recommendations based on what you want, and give you the best options and estimate. You aren’t restricted to selecting from a few templates with minimal customizations. I specialize in making a unique site that isn’t going to be out of fashion in a few years. To get started, please review my client requirements and fill out a brief project form.

Case Study: Badddog Blues Society

Musician had to contact their web developer every time they wanted to post a gig. Given how many gigs he has, it was a show-stopper! (pun intended) Now he can post all the venues himself without having to get help from anyone, and they show up there on the home page automatically. HTML -> WordPress.