Great Service

  • I strive to be available for my clients as much as humanly possible during the development process.
  • I’ll work within your budget.
  • I communicate often on progress, setbacks
  • I do home and office visits (when geographically feasible)
  • I provide training on updating your web site

More than Design

My focus is also on usability – making it easy for your audience to find what they are looking for on your web site. This comes before the grooviest technology – such as one-page scrolling web sites, which can sometimes be confusing to navigate, or text that is so small it is hard to read. I can help you organize your content and find appropriate imagery to get the right message across. I also use coding techniques to improve your search engine rankings.

For you D.I.Y.ers, I mostly use WordPress so that you’ll have the freedom to update your website’s content, including event calendars, photo albums, blogs or static pages. I provide training on how to work with it.

If you don’t think you’re in a “creative” field? No worries – I’ve created web sites for industrial businesses, tourism, lawyers and doctors, too!

Low Risk

Maybe you’ve been burned by someone who charged you $10,000 for something that didn’t improve your sales, or was outdated by the time it launched. Or worse, someone took your money and disappeared, along with your access codes. There’s a lot of reasons to be wary of buying something from someone you don’t know. But chances are I’ve worked for someone you do know.

Heard of Microsoft? Worked in the Windows division for four and a half years.

Heard of Life Fitness (or ridden a Lifecycle® Aerobic Trainer)? Worked in their marketing department for three years.

Heard of Western Washington University? Worked in a technology group there for seven years.

If you’re on the west coast, you’ve heard of Haggens, the grocery chain. I worked in their marketing department for a little over a year (before the Albertson’s flip-flop).

If you’re into extreme skiing, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Doug Coombs. I built his first brochure and website, right after he got fired from Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and started his guide business. (Valdez Heli Skiing still remains in business.)

If you follow Olympic history, you’ve heard of Rulon Gardner. I built his first website while he was training for his epic Olympic debut, beating the undefeated Russian in Greco Roman wrestling.