WordPress Security & Maintenance Plans

$20/month – six month minimum.
Keep your WordPress site up to date and secure! Hacked sites cost business and search engine rankings. Updates include core WordPress files and plug-ins. Theme updates, if requested, for an hourly rate.

Save money by booking a year at a time ($14.95/month) with auto-renewal.

If Megabite Design did not build your site, you will need to provide admin level access to your WordPress site.

A subscription means that at the end of the amount of time you signed up for, you will be automatically renewed for another term of updates. To change your subscription terms, please cancel your existing subscription via Paypal, and sign up for a new one.

Don’t worry, this is much easier to get out of than that time share your Aunt Sally bought in 1995 in southern Florida. All you have to do is log into your Paypal account and cancel. Here are some instructions.

You may also sign up for a non-auto renew and put up with reminders from Megabite Design that your service has expired.

Sign up with Auto Renewal

Security Updates